5-mapb, chemically known as 5-(2-methylaminopropyl) benzofuran, is part of the benzofuran family. Benzofurans have been in EU for the better part of 10 years now. In the Research chemical department it is related to amphetamines. Dropit-here.com has 5-mapb for sale purely as a research chemical, thus meaning it is not meant to be bought for consumption purposes. 5mapb is commonly compared to known illegal substances due it having a similar effect on a person. Are you looking for a trusted partner with high quality research chemicals, then Dropit-here.com is the Real place to Order.


As aforementioned, 5-mapb is part of the benzofuran family. Research has shown that 5mapb has a direct effect on the neurotransmitter’s dopamine, serotine and monoamines. Researches are not sure if 5 mapb also releases said neurotransmitters, more research is required to officially confirm the theorem. The official structure is as followed: (1- (benzofuran-5-yl) -N-methylpropan-2-amine). 5 mapb legal


First and foremost, research has shown that the effect can and will differ from experiment to experiment. One can never be sure what the effect can be. Having said that, there is a known baseline based on research and anecdotical information. The effects can possibly range between the following, but are not limited to:

·         Stimulation, which is described as “M but in lesser dominant ways”

·         Increased heart rate, dehydration and appetite suppression.

·         Becoming more socially outgoing, loving and empathetic. This could bring on a feeling of overall euphoria.

·         Focus, analysis and thought enhancement.

·         An increase in clarity, vision wise.

·         Increased musical appreciation

·         Most likely there are more, as mentioned above it is not yet completely known what possible effects are.

Although there has been no long-term research on 5 mapb powder, due to it being quite new, anecdotical evidence suggest there are none long term health complications based on low to moderate testing. We would like to stress that this is purely anecdotical. Research has shown that exposure in high volumes and frequency can cause something we would like to call the ‘tolerance issue’. This means that more experiments are needed to cause a similar effect. We would like to advice to conduct your research in intervals and to limit frequency. If you are looking for a 5 mapb vendor that has high quality 5-mapb for sale for research purposes, take a look in our shop! At Dropit-here.com we are avid supporters of science, and thus like to help people looking to do their own research.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that, unlike M, 5 mapb gives a relaxed feeling. Research shows that similar research chemicals could have the effect of making someone want to dance and party is 5mapb more lowkey.


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5-mapb is best stored in a place where children and animal cannot reach it. High places where there is a lack of sunlight are perfect. The reason being is that an over exposition to light could cause the overall quality of the 5-mapb to decline. In turn this could possibly lead to inaccurate results, which is not what you will want with your research. When properly stored and handled, it is possible for the 5-mapb to retain its potency for up to two years. Do beware: this is an estimate, research chemicals could vary on their maximum lifespan.