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MPHP, also commonly known as 4′-Methyl-α-pyrrolidinohexiophenone, is a compound closely related to pyrovalerone, which is a member of the pyrrolidinophenone series of chemical substances. The stimulant activity of these substances is maintained only as long as the positions of the aryl, ketone, and pyrrolidinyl groups are held constant while the alkyl backbone can vary. Because of its similarity to other commonly used designer drugs, MPHP is believed to be a psychostimulant and has begun appearing more and more frequently on the drug market.Buy MPHP online

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This chemical substance is considered to be a biochemical with heavy applications in the field of Mass Spectrometry. This means that those looking to buy MPHP might intend to make use of it in research areas such as forensic science.Buy MPHP online

Some more technical information on this chemical compound includes:

  • Formal Name: 2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)-1-(p-tolyl)hexan-1-one, monohydrochloride
  • Formula Weight: 295.9
  • Purity: Greater than or equal to 98%
  • Formulation: A crystalline solid
  • Storage: -20°C
  • Stability: Typically no fewer than 2 years of stability

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Despite the mystery present in regards to this chemical substance’s effects on organic specimens, including on human subjects, many individuals have started to buy MPHP with the intended use as a recreational substance. Many drugs like this are used in the hopes of achieving euphoric experiences, both cognitively and physically. They are often sought as alternatives to more common prescription medications or over the counter substances. This is due to the fact that many are seeking to obtain a heightened level of euphoria, one higher than what they might achieve with a more common recreational substance. Others might be intended to use this drug with the hopes of achieving these results with fewer of the negative side effects that have been associated with those more common drugs.Buy MPHP online

Use of this chemical substance is far from common, and therefore there are few reports of positive or negative side effects that may be cause by its use. However, common positive side effects from this type of drug include feelings of euphoria, as well as heightened mood levels. Many experience boosts in attitude and concentration in a certain period of time after use, depending on the dosage taken. Some experience heightened levels of emotional connection with those nearby when the drug is in use. This can include higher levels of empathy and other emotional connections.

Common negative side effects typically include nausea and hallucinations, with the occasional increase in appetite. However, MPHP is a chemical substance that is believed to be more toxic to individuals than others in the designer drug realm. In 2010, researchers found that MPHP can actually lead to serious poisoning with the possibility of toxic liver damage after use as well as potential rhabdomyolysis.

All products, including the chemical substance MPHP, are sold as research specimens and are not intended for human consumption under any circumstances. The dangers and risks in human subjects means this should only ever be used as a research chemical.