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Nitromethaqualone (C16H13N3O4) is a robust sedative, and has also been described as a hypnotic agent. As a derivative of the compound better known as Quaalude and Mandrax, its sedative properties are not surprising.Buy Nitromethaqualone online

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This compound is derived by attaching a nitro group to a standard methaqualone molecule. This switch had the surprising effect of making the chemical roughly ten occasions as potent as traditional Quaalude for a given dose, but came at the price tag on troubling toxicity problems.

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Protection Concerns:

This chemical substance differs from methaqualone chiefly in the addition of an aromatic nitro group. When the materials is generally metabolised, this nitro group can be became its corresponding aniline, which functions as a mutagen in your body. Hence, it is considered toxic, no more advancement has occurred.Buy Nitromethaqualone online


Nitromethaqualone isn’t currently banned in nearly every jurisdiction, but could possibly be thought to be an analogue of methaqualone using jurisdictions.

Nitromethaqualone isn’t accredited seeing that a medicine or counseling in nearly every known jurisdiction, and really should certainly be a research chemical just. While it is a robust sedative, it is regarded toxic, and isn’t ideal for human consumption.