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We administer the highest quality iboga in the TA (total alkaloid) form that has been grown naturally in the jungle. We do the extraction on the fresh rootbark ourselves to ensure the process is done correctly. After the extraction, we take the TA powder and fill clear capsules so guests can swallow them without tasting the bitterness. The iboga shrubs we use are not harmed in the process and the harvesting involves a Bwiti Ceremony. Many people ask the question,Iboga TA for sale online. Iboga TA Extract

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Iboga TA

Our Tabernanthe Ibogaine TA (Total Alkaloid) Extract contains all the complete spectrum of alkaloids of Iboga root bark, but none of the wood – making it far easier to use. Iboga contains about 70% Ibogaine, which is converted to its HCL form in your stomach. It also contains other psychoactive alkaloids, Ibogamine, Iboxigaine, Gabonine, Iboquine, Kisantine, and Ibolutenine. These other compounds have been less extensively studied than Ibogaine, but nonetheless play their role in the power of “The Sacrament”. Our Iboga TA Extract is between 50%-60% purity. So approximately 1.7g-2g of our TA Extract contains the same amount of Ibogaine as 1g of Ibogaine HCL (Hydrochloride) plus the added bonus of the extra naturally occurring alkaloids. Both Iboga TA and Ibogaine HCL provide similar experiences and the same anti-addictive experience. Customers who are interested in experiencing a full Iboga experience without needing to ingest large quantities of rootbark often choose this option as it far easier on the stomach and liver, whilst providing the same spiritual experience. This product is lab extracted and stored at -18c to maintain maximum potency.Ibogaine TA for sale

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