Morphine-D3 powder

//Morphine-D3 powder

Morphine-D3 powder


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Morphine-D3 powder, Buy Morphine-D3 China

Morphine-d3 is a synthetic analogue of morphine intended for chemical studies of the quantitative detection of residual morphine in special laboratories. The chemical can be banned in a number of countries. The chemical can be produced using modern chemical equipment, professionals who know their business, which makes Morphine-d3 as pure and qualitative as possible for chemical research.Morphine-D3 powder

Morphine-D3 powder for sale online

Product Details:

Product Name: Morphine-D3
IUPAC: (5α,6α)-7,8-didehydro-4,5-epoxy-17-(methyl-d3)-morphinan-3,6-diol
CAS: 67293-88-3
MF: C17H16D3NO3
Purity: >99.5%
Appearance: Powder
Production Capacity: 100kg month
Packing: Aluminum Foil Bag or Plastic Bag

Payment Terms: Bitcoin, Money Gram, Bank Wire, Other

Morphine-D3 powder

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Delivery & Shipping Terms:

1. We will ship the goods within 1 days after payment.
2. We will ship the goods by UPS, EMS, DHL, TNT or FEDEX. We will choose the best courier depending on different countries, and find the safest way to deliver the goods for you.Morphine-D3 powder
3. Delivery time EMS: 5-14 days. DHL/UPS/FedEx: 4-7 days.
4. As usual you can get the goods with in 4-7 days. If the goods were lost or not received for other reasons, we’ll resend.Buy Morphine-D3 online

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Morphine-D3 powder

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